Reasey Estrada

Administrative Assistant

Reasey Estrada is a second year graduate student in the Educational Counseling Master’s program. As a first generation college student Reasey understands the many obstacles and barriers that underrepresented students often face. It is her goal and passion to serve and empower underrepresented students in believing that they too are deserving of quality education and academic success. Her special interest is working with the community college student population. Reasey is currently a Student Success Coach at Rio Hondo College where she support and guide students through one of their most transformative years of their lives, their first year in college. With her teaching experiences in early childhood education in urban schools, educational background and experiences with the community college student population, Reasey is aware of the relationship between equity and student success. Reasey is excited to collaborate with her colleagues at USC Center for Urban Education in learning, exploring and developing effective strategies to close the achievement gap in underrepresented student’s learning outcomes.

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