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Institute for Equity in Faculty Hiring at Community Colleges

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Dates: March 26-27, 2018

Location: Sacramento Convention Center

Lodging: Sheraton Grand, Sacramento, CA


Why Faculty Diversity?

The California Community Colleges are poised to hire an unprecedented number of faculty members over the course of the next two academic years. In California Community Colleges, African-American and Latina/os represent only 21% [1] of the faculty despite demographically representing over 45% percent of the state, with experts expecting the numbers to grow. Currently 60% of CCC faculties are white, yet only 28% of community college students are.

With a major focus on equity both through the Student Equity Plans that each campus completed, and the financial commitments of CA Governor Jerry Brown, the conditions to create equity are ideal. However, the 113 California Community Colleges do not have all the tools necessary to take advantage of this policy and budget environment. An area of greatest need, and an area with the fewest resources, is faculty hiring.

Recently, students at over 80 campuses across the nation published written demands to improve campus climate. Eighty percent demanded more diverse faculty. Nationally, discussions around faculty diversity are surging. With an increasingly diverse student body and lack of diverse faculty, it prompts important discussions about diverse faculty recruitment, hiring, and retention.


[1] Based on California Community College Chancellor’s Office Datamart Faculty & Staff Demographics Report. Data is from the fall semester of 2015.