Sheridan Wigginton

Equity Fellow

was a lead member of California Lutheran University’s collaboration with the Center for Urban Education to build a racially equitable process for faculty searches. As part of this work, she helped develop the role of “equity advocates” as a key feature of search committees as a way to embed culturally responsive and anti-racist strategies in each step of the search process. Sheridan has decades of experience advocating for minoritized populations in higher education in a variety of roles, including two terms as chair of the Department of Languages and Cultures. In addition to being a member of the Sarah W. Heath Center for Equality and Justice, she has served as a faculty ombudsperson, a member of the university’s Equity Leadership Council, and was elected to serve on the Advancement, Rank, and Tenure committee. She has served as the president of the Afro-Latin/American Research Association since 2014 and, along with Richard Middleton IV, is the author of Unmastering the Script: Education, Critical Race Theory, and the Struggle to Reconcile the Haitian Other in Dominican Identity (University of Alabama Press, 2019).