SEPIs (Student Equity Planning Institutes)

SEPI at a Glance

The Center for Urban Education has held three institutes focused on student equity planning in our California Community College system. Our next Student Equity Planning Institute will take place on March 18th & 19th at the USC Radisson Hotel.

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  • Community Colleges are required to develop an equity plan based on the newly established “Student Equity and Achievement Program” due on June 30, 2019.
  • Institute will provide practitioners with support, resources, and tools to use the equity planning process as an opportunity to address racial inequity.
  • Explore how the “equity plan” itself and the process of data inquiry, goal setting, activity building, and funding allocation can all work towards mitigating racial equity gaps.

Our Student Equity Planning Institutes provide campus practitioners with support, resources, and tools to use the revised equity planning process as an opportunity to address racial inequity.

Institute Tools:

  • Data-based approaches to maximize the impact of student equity funds and other institutional resources.
  • Maps to move from data analysis into actionable practices.
  • Inquiry methods to identify causes of low success in course completion and basic skills.
  • Strategies to talk about race and equity constructively.
  • Activities to develop buy-in and get greater campus involvement in equity-focused change.

What to Expect

Sample Agenda

Both days include Team Facilitation sessions and carefully constructed breakout sessions covering community college data templates, course observations and equity planning.

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Participant Evaluations

At the end of each institute, CUE collects evaluations from attendees who participated in all SEPI sessions:

Comments from our most recent SEPI (Feb. 2016 in Los Angeles, CA)

“Thank you! I feel that this workshop doesn’t get as much recognition as it deserves. You gave us real strategies to make big interventions. All of the other conversations are informed by the strategies here. I needed this session.

“Thinking back on the day, I learned strategies to diversify hiring and ensuring we hire equity minded faculty and administrators.”

“I found the time we spent on speaking with our team to develop steps of action to be the most useful aspect.”

“[These sessions] really helped me to understand more in depth how a faculty member may create assumptions and opinions.



The SEPI Impact 

* Click on the image to read a real SEPI testimonial from one of our partner campuses!