Structure of Student Equity Planning

Phase I: Pre-Institute Activities – Context Building and Assessing Campus Readiness

  • CUE staff interviews each campus team leader to understand their specific institutional dynamics, assess campus readiness for change, and learn about any previous equity efforts.
  • CUE reviews any previous plans for each college and uses the information to guide the campus conference calls.
  • CUE creates data portfolios accompanied with a PowerPoint presentation for each of the campuses. The data portfolios and presentations will align with the goals for Vision for Success.

Phase II:  The Institute – Providing Tools & Resources for Race-Conscious Planning

CUE has confirmed expert speakers (Learn more about our Institute speakers):

  • Dr. Shaun Harper, USC Provost Professor and the Clifford and Betty Allen Chair in Urban Leadership
  • Dr. Sonya Christian, President, Bakersfield Community College
  • Dr. Laura I. Rendón,  Professor of Higher Education, University of Texas – San Antonio
  • Dr. Amanda Tachine, Research Evaluation Associate, American-Indian College Fund

During the two-day workshop, CUE will provide tools and resources to help campuses:

  • Make their Student Equity Plan an opportunity for institutional innovation and student success (using CUE’s well-established work on race-consciousness and equity-mindedness)
  • Apply inquiry methods to identify causes of low success in course completion and basic skills, especially co-requisite and accelerated Math and English
  • Develop strategies to talk constructively in the plans about race and equity on campus
  • Create buy-in to bring about greater campus involvement in equity-focused change

Phase III:  Post-Institute – Guidance Completing and Implementing the Student Equity Plan

Spring 2019

  • Institute facilitators share a feedback memo guiding leaders through next steps as they go back to campus to complete their equity plan and go through the review and approval process.
  • Follow-up phone conversations between Institute facilitator and campuses to finalize ideas and strategies from SEPI and finalize individual student equity plan.
  • Check in with campuses about the local-level review and approval process; confirm that equity plan is submitted to the Chancellor’s Office.

Summer 2019

  • Continued support with the implementation of activities developed in equity plans.
  • Full report on the SEPI and the equity efforts established by participating campuses.