In 2018, We Will All Do Better!

January 24, 2018 

When we can’t rely on those in positions of power to effectively lead, we must find leaders elsewhere. And today, we are seeing a leadership crisis.


I would like to report that the past year was a strong one for equity in the US — but it was not. The truth is that 2017 was a terrible year for racial equity in higher education nationally.

Day after day, we suffered an onslaught of racist tweets and comments from our country’s President. As easy as it seems at times to dismiss his juvenile, ignorant outbursts, his remarks have fueled a wave of support for white supremacy in the United States, glorifying horrific ideas that civilized minds had thought died with Nazism.

The most obvious example of this took place in August, when we witnessed the violent torch march of white supremacists through the grounds of the University of Virginia. This disgusting display ended with the death of a woman fighting against their hatred.

Of course, the most recent threat to higher education and its students is in the form of a tax bill so oozing with greed and hatred that it will deny the most vulnerable among our citizens a right to higher education and a right to healthcare. The foundational elements of this bill are a direct attack on the rights and humanity of anyone who isn’t already obscenely wealthy and white.

Despite all of this, we at CUE have not stopped working for our cause, and we will not stop. In 2017, CUE worked to change faculty hiring practices, making racially diverse faculty more than wishful thinking. In September, CUE held a two-day institute that attracted over 200 participants and 20 community colleges (with 14 more on a wait list). Institute participants demonstrated the will and commitment to reform their hiring practices, and CUE provided them with the tools to redesign every step of their hiring processes.

CUE published three comprehensive policy papers in 2017, one of which worked to make sense of the myriad student equity plans used by California’s vast Community College system. Our work extended to the Netherlands for the first time in 2017, and we gained many new partners committed to helping us advance our cause in the months and years to come.

While I am proud to share the various ways that CUE advanced the cause of racial equity in higher education throughout 2017, it was clearly not enough. I hope you will join me as we work to redouble our efforts in the coming year to advance the agenda of racial equity.

If higher education is going to survive in 2018 and continue to benefit those who need it the most, it will only be through all of our united efforts to support something we so passionately believe in.




Institute for Equity in Faculty Hiring is Sold Out

CUE will be hosting its second Equity in Faculty Hiring Institute on March 26-27, 2018 in Sacramento, California. Tailored for California community colleges committed to faculty diversity, the two-day event will give participants a set of practices and processes on how to embed equity-mindedness into your faculty hiring process. Though the event has sold out, you may contact CUE to be added to the waiting list, in the event a space becomes available.

New Partners at CUE

CUE’s Dr. Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux will be working with staff at the University of Northern Colorado, focusing on ways to present student outcome data that better identify equity gaps and lead to inquiry findings that inform changes in practices. At MiraCosta College, CUE is providing a keynote by James Gray as well consultation during a day-long workshop on equity in faculty hiring. CUE will also be working with the Rhode Island Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner to support a focus on equity to be incorporated into their strategic plan.


Syllabus Review Training at USC

CUE will be operating with faculty at the USC Rossier School of Education to provide syllabus review training. Studying and assessing the syllabi in the department, CUE will work with faculty to give them insight and tools to better craft plans and documents for their classes that are equity-minded and inclusive for all students.



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